Richies Fishroom

 (804) 243-4104  

Richiesfishroom is located in Saint Charles Missouri, about 1/2 hour outside of Saint Louis MO.  I have been a breeder and keeper of fish almost non-stop for over 40 years. I belong to the Gateway Gupy Association and the Missouri Aquarium Society where I continue to learn from young and old alike.  
I am a Stendker Discus distributor and breed Discus, Angels and Show Guppies. Contact me at
(804) 243-4104 or E-mail  for more information.          



I now have over 200 Stendker Discus available. 12 different varities in the 2 1/2 and 3+ inch range. These fish are imported from Germany and are famous for good health and the ability to grow super large with the proper care. I had the good fortune to meet Discus Hans in Baltimore over 5 years ago and became a distributor for him when I lived in Virginia. Now that I am reestablished in Missouri I can offer his fish once again. I will be getting shipments in on a monthly basis. If I don't have what you want I can order them in for you. Make an appointment to see what I have in stock.

      Currently Available:
 Stendker Discus  2 1/2 - 3 Inch
Brillant, Snakeskin Red, Pigeon Blue, Cobalt, Marlboro Red, Red Scribbled, Blue Diamond,
SnakeSkin Red.

Stendker Discus 3-5+ inch
Silver Pigeons, Pigeon Blood Red, Fire Red, Alenquer, Blue Diamond, Pigeon Blood Blue. 



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