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Discus can live for up to 15 years.

Discus become full grown at 1 1/2  years old.
Best Temperature is 86 Degrees.  84 is OK

The average Stendker Discus grows to 6.3 inches

A large Stendker Discus would be 7.9 inches

The largest Discus the Stendker hatchery ever grew out was 8.7 inches!!

If your looking for Discus in Missouri, Richiesfishroom has more types and sizes of Stendker Discus to choose from than anyone else! Some folks have traveled for hours and have not been disappointed.......

Another Beefheart Recipe


Here is a complete step by step recipe that I use for making Beefheart. It is comprised of all the other recipes I’ve read, my experience locating Beefheart, making Beefheart, and exactly what 3 hearts should yield. Also some of my thoughts, as I have a few after making this glop many times. You can find all of this information on the internet but I believe this is the most complete “how to” you will find.

For some reason I have initially had a tough time locating Beefheart in the 3 states I have lived in; New York, Virginia and Missouri. After visiting the local supermarkets, Walmart and butchers I found that they typically do not carry it but can get it in if you agree to order a case which is 60 pounds. 60 pounds will give you a little more than 30 pounds after cutting all the veins and fat. I have over 200 Discus and although I COULD use 30 pounds I do not want to spend 4-6 hours cutting up the hearts. I would rather do it 4 times a year keep the processing time short and keep the food fresher. If you live in an area that has a high Hispanic /Asian /Peruvian population you may have an easier time locating the hearts since Beefheart is part of some of their recipes ….even Walmart in those areas will have them and you can get as little or as much as you need. I live in the Midwest and was able to get mine at where they actually butcher the cows. I called up, told them what I needed and the cow killer said to come in 2 days and he will save me a few. Now buying it this way is great. Its fresh, it’s real cheap and you get to drive out to a nice farm in the country. Here is the first piece of information I had trouble finding:

3 Hearts (uncut) = 13 LBS and will fill up 6 large Freezer bags when your all said and done. The bags will be pressed thin (about the thickness of 3 quarters) so you can break off a chunk to feed. 6 bags will last me about 3 months give or take since I feed other foods also.

Step 1- Get a cooler and fill it ¼ to ½ full of ice. Bring it with you to get your hearts and keep them in there. You won’t have to rush home, it won’t start to smell, and you will put it back in after it is cubed. 13 pounds cost me $10.00 at the slaughterhouse. At the market expect to pay about $1.99 lb at the time of this: August 2011.

Step 2- Get your other ingredients. There is a ton of crap you can put in your mix. I want my fish eating BEEFHEART so I don’t overload it with a lot other things. Here is what I use:

Kent Garlic Guard or the like (fresh crushed Garlic… even be better), 4 multi vitamins, 4 calcium pills, ½ pound Salmon, ½ Pound Raw Shrimp, Spirulina flakes, 2- Tablespoons Paprika and 3 packets Knox Gelatin.

Before we get to step 3 let me talk about the meat grinder. I purchased a Prago # 22 from Walmart which they had to order. It was about $40 and took 4 days to get in. It’s the bolt down type but it is so heavy I was able to hold it and grind without any problem right in my wife’s kitchen. She really appreciates that. No bolting down was necessary. I put the grinder in the freezer overnight SO THAT IT WOULD NOT CLOGG UP. ALSO PUT THE BEEFHEART (after its cubed) INTO THE FREEZER ONE HOUR BEFORE you grind it for the same reason. I’ve used a grinder and a food processor. The grinder is better; the pieces of meat are more consistent in size. If you use a food processor you will likely have to shave and chop more carefully before feeding to avoid chunks that discus can’t fit into their mouths. I’ve done it both ways …get the grinder.

Step 3- Cut the meat out of the heart. Get rid of the veins and the shiny grayish membrane. The Grayish stuff will come off if you “skin it” like you would a fish. This all can take 1-2 hours to do 3 hearts depending on how much you want to salvage. I do not go crazy trying to get every last piece of meat. My time is worth more than 1.99 a pound and I pay much less than that. I cut the beef into cubes between the size of dice and a small ice cube. You want it small enough to get sucked into the grinder as your turning the handle. You should not see any white when you look at the mound of cubes. If you do, cut some more off. Put the cubes in a plastic bag and put it back on the ice. You can do the rest of the process on day 2. I break it up into 2 2-3 hour days.

Step 4- Peel the shrimp, cube the salmon and run it through a food processor. I add water to get it to a consistency between mayonnaise and peanut butter.

Step 5- Grind the pills and the paprika with a petal and mortar.

Step 6- Grind the cubed beef, once through the large holed plate and once again through the small holed plate of the meat grinder.

Step 7- Mix everything together (except for the Knox Gelatin) in a large bowl and add 2 eye droppers of the Kent Garlic Guard. Add enough Spirulina flake to absorb any excess moisture but not too dry. The Knox will bind it.

Step 8- Slowly Mix 3 packets of Knox Gelatin into 2 ½ cups of hot water with a whisk. Pour the Knox into the Beefheart before it firms up and mix well. It will solidify and bind during the freezing process.

Step 9- Put into freezer bags and flatten out thin…about 3 quarters thickness. Freeze overnight.

A few notes- Paprika is used to bring out the red color of many Discus. If the breeder fed Paprika and you do not they will not eat the Beefheart as well for you. I know this for a fact, and I suspect the same goes for garlic. Garlic is said to be an attractant and helps clean the gut of parasites. Feed little pieces the first few days. Discus can take a while to get use to new foods. Vacuum any uneaten food as it will quickly foul your tank. I was buying the Sally’s cubed push through blister packs of Beefheart. I could get them for about $5 a pack from mail order such as Drs. Foster and Smith. When I would run out it would cost me almost $8 a pack at Petco. Those packs would only last 2 or 3 days. Making my own saves a LOT of $$. Although I make the Beefheart mix for very little cost I sell very little of it and will not ship. It’s a very time consuming process and I need all I can make. If you have it in the freezer for much longer than a year feed it to your in-laws or throw it out and make a new batch. If you use too much garlic your house will smell like an Italian restaurant every time you feed.

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