Here I've Listed Some Things To Help You Be Successful From The Start

Best Practices

 There is not just one way to take care of Discus.  However there are things you can do to help you get it right the first time. Then you can try different things such as gravel and plants. In no particular order:

1)  Get discus from 1 source. They can carry pathogens/ bacteria that they've become immune to but  can infect other Discus. Typically not necessary to quarantine if the seller is getting from 1 source. 

2) 8 Discus minimum close to the same size.  Others say 6.  I've found 8 is much better.  They feel safer, more confident to come up to the front of the tank and most important the pecking order will not bother timid fish.  75 Gallon tank minimum, 100 Gallon is better.

3) Bare bottom tank to keep the water as pristine as possible especially during the first 1 1/2 years when the most growth occurs.  20-30% water change per day. More is better. Wipe the water line with a paper towel once a week. 

4) 84-86 degrees  6.6-7 PH.  

5) Have more than 1 filter in the tank and alternate cleaning as needed. Never clean both in the same week.

6) Alternate foods. I feed 3 X a day. I use several types of Flakes, Beefheart, and Tetra Color granules. 

7) 1-2 Plecos in every tank.  They keep the sides and bottom of the tank clean. Cory cats are good also.  Albinos seem to be best for both.  They can take the high heat. 

8) Acclimate your fish slowly in a bucket with a slow drip over the course of 1-2 hours.  Air valve and air tubing  works fine.